About FunnelBuilder

FunnelBuider is part of the Shoptimized suite of apps and a community of likeminded e-commerce entrepreneurs who have come together to learn how to upscale their businesses and outmaneuver their competition at every turn.

Founded by Conversion Rate Expert, Bradley Long – Shoptimized cuts out all the noise and bullshit and shows you what’s really working in the world of e-commerce.

After working with some of the world’s most sophisticated brands as a conversion rate optimization consultant and helping them achieve double and sometimes triple-digit growth in under 12-months, Bradley decided to create his groundbreaking training that was first released in 2015 to help newer store owners rapidly grow their businesses.

Since then, Bradley has also created the world’s first split-testing training for Shopify stores, eCom Conversions.

He has also architected, the Shoptimized Theme to help store owners shortcut the learning curve of what helps and what hurts conversions by distilling his 12+ years of experience as a consultant and store owner into an easy to install, high-converting Shopify Theme.
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