Matt Stefanik:                  Hello, and welcome Matt Sefanik here, founder of Funnel Buildr, and I'm with Manie Amari here, who's going to be sharing with us some incredible results that he's had since getting started with Funnel Buildr. So, Manie, welcome. Thank you for your time.

Manie Amari:                    Thank you for having me on this call, Matt.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome. So, I understand you've absolutely been crushing it with Funnel [00:00:30] Buildr, and I wanna kind of get to the bottom of how you've been doing it and maybe share some insights with our other users and see if we can't learn from your success. Is that cool?

Manie Amari:                    Oh, yeah. That's cool. Definitely.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, before you started using Funnel Buildr, I'll start with that. You [00:01:00] had some Shopify stores, right?

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  Right. So, typically just running Facebook ads to your product pages, is that basically the gist of the strategy at that point?

Manie Amari:                    Yep, pretty much.

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah, so basically doing what most people teach what you see in most courses, the general practices … Facebook ads straight to your product pages, right. That's fine, nothing wrong with that except for the fact that the conversions can be awfully [00:01:30] low. So, what was it like for you?

Manie Amari:                    I was usually seeing like three percent, and even less than three percent on some occasions, especially when I was start going worldwide. Part of the reason is because I'm hitting a lot of non-English speakers. They understand what the product is. A lot of the ads I run are video ads, so people can actually see the product being used, so they don't really need a lot of language [00:02:00] to work out what it is you're viewing.

I think because I do it worldwide, I get a lot of window shoppers. I mean I make good sales, but at the same time it would be a lot of wasted traffic, not like concentrated actions when the [inaudible 00:02:18] actually land on the product pages. So when I was doing U.S., it was roughly around three percent conversion rates, and when I was doing worldwide, it was less than that. My best month worldwide [00:02:30] was like one point eight percent.

Matt Stefanik:                  Okay. Well, that's pretty cool. It's better than most people I would say. I think one to two percent is probably fairly typical for paid ads, cold traffic straight to Shopify product pages. So, you have kind of mixed results, lower conversions. What was the best part of that strategy would you say?

Manie Amari:                    The fact that I could just take it worldwide because I was doing a lot of drop shipping. [00:03:00] I was selling to people in China, for example … and people close to China, so Taiwan, Philippines. It was easy for the products to get to them very quickly.

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah, that's true.

Manie Amari:                    A lot of people are afraid to go worldwide, believe it or not. I get asked questions all the time like what about shipping times and stuff like that. Most people outside of the U.S., for example, they don't even … A lot of them, like Australia, they don't actually have access to [00:03:30] Amazon, for example. So, they're not accustomed to the quick three-day arrival in terms of shipping.

Matt Stefanik:                  Gotcha.

Manie Amari:                    Outside of U.S., and maybe a little bit outside of Europe, most places, they're not accustomed to quick shipping, so they actually happy to wait the 10 days or 15 days to arrive. That was the best strategy because I think a lot of the times a lot of products [inaudible 00:03:55] there wasn't that much competition, which was great for me.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, the best part of that strategy [00:04:00] from what I'm hearing about your strategy is that doesn't have to stop. Using Funnel Buildr, you can continue to implement that same philosophy and the same strategy targeting worldwide, right?

Manie Amari:                    Definitely.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome.

Manie Amari:                    Definitely.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, now, using Funnel Buildr, tell me about your Funnel 'cause on Shopify, obviously we don't have the opportunity to actually build funnels and have a landing page, an upsell page, and checkouts, and all that good stuff. What's the funnel look like for you with all the success that you've had [00:04:30] recently?

Manie Amari:                    So, I've never really done any funnels ever. I've also just sent traffic to a Shopify product page, but then once I got a hold of Funnel Buildr, it was like, “Aha! This is the moment I need,” because I always hear people talking about funnels and how well they're doing it. Especially, for example, ClickFunnels for example. But, I tried that many months ago, and it was really difficult to configure. And then also, on top of that [00:05:00] I had to get a coder involved and that just threw me off, but when I saw your webinar, [inaudible 00:05:07] Ricky, I saw how easy it was to us it.

So, it was just instant. It was like, “Right, this is my opportunity to actually use funnels.” I started using funnels on October the 6th, so just last month. So last month was October the 6th. I started, and I had the idea in my mind that I wanted to do a post-purchase, but in order to do post-purchase I was under [00:05:30] the impression that I needed to get PayPal to enable reference transactions, which is what you suggested. I've never done it before, right?

But UK PayPal, for example, because I'm British, I'm from the UK, so my PayPal is British. It's like the British side of PayPal basically. Their department … they're very difficult. They're very funny about enabling the option for most people so they start asking you a long list of questions and stuff, but then what happened was [00:06:00] is I was actually going to fill out those questions, and follow up with them, but when I started the funnel and it started converting, I was like, hey. I was getting roughly about 18 to 21% conversion rate on my upsell, so I was like, well-

Matt Stefanik:                  Nice.

Manie Amari:                    There's no need for me to touch it if it's not broken. It's already working. It's converting, so let's go. So basically, to answer your question, sorry to go around this, but to answer your question, my funnel is this … front end offer, straight off the front end offer, pre-sell, upsell, and then [00:06:30] straight to Shopify checkout basically.

Matt Stefanik:                  Oh, wow.

Manie Amari:                    Essentially what I wanted to do was move that pre-sale page, so it'd be after the thank-you page to become my post-purchase, but because it was PayPal reference transactions, I was just like, “Well, I'll just leave it as it is,” and it was doing really well.

Matt Stefanik:                  And Stripe, for some reason you can't use Stripe either?

Manie Amari:                    Well, I can use Stripe, but I didn't see the point in using Stripe if I weren't gonna have PayPal enabled. Like, I'd rather just use Shopify checkout because I've already been using [00:07:00] Shopify checkout with that particular store, so there was no [crosstalk 00:07:03]

Matt Stefanik:                  Gotcha. Yeah, so if you're using the Shopify checkout with Funnel Buildr, then, you know, once you send that user to the Shopify checkout we kind of lose 'em, right? ‘Cause they go to Shopify's actual checkout, which is hosted on their site, on their servers. There's no way to get them back after that, right?

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  That's astonishing to me because really, you're only utilizing like half of all that Funnel Buildr actually offers you, and you still [00:07:30] kicking ass so that's great because it shows that there's no excuses. Even if you can't get Stripe, you're not using PayPal, and you can still use the Shopify checkout, you're doing a landing page, with I'm guessing a low front-end offer, right?

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  Then, when they click add to cart, they're actually going to a pre-purchase upsell page.

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, you have the opportunity to order something else.

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  What would you say that the front-end conversion rate looks like?

Manie Amari:                    On traffic, I never really looked [00:08:00] at the stats, but it's pretty high because my CPAs were below $3.00, so I was really on top of this audience here. But, what I like about Funnel Buildr is just it focuses. You can't go anywhere. There's no hanging about. There's no jargon. As soon as they land on the page, next action is either you move forward or you leave.

Matt Stefanik:                  That's right.

Manie Amari:                    That's it.

Matt Stefanik:                  That's the best part. That's the whole philosophy behind the landing page is there's not a lot of distraction, there's [00:08:30] no navigation, there's no other offers, there's no recommended products, and you know, people also viewed this. It's like one decision.

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Manie Amari:                    That's it.

Matt Stefanik:                  And you either take that desired action or you don't, and of course, you can re-target those visitors that visited and didn't take that desired action, but because of them you get higher front end conversions, and therefore, you get a lot more people to actually see your upsells.

Manie Amari:                    Upsell … exactly.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, how has the conversion rate been on the upsells? Any idea?

Manie Amari:                    Upsells have been about 18, 20%.

Matt Stefanik:                  That's great.

Manie Amari:                    That went [00:09:00] straight off like within five days, 'cause I started scaling up pretty quickly. After day three I started scaling up. And I realized for every 100 orders, 115 orders I'd have like 18 to 20 orders on the upsell, and it was beautiful, man because what I like about Funnel Buildr is that they cannot escape. They've gotta see that offer. In order for them to get to [00:09:30] no thank you straight to my confirmation page link, they've gotta scroll all the way down.

I kept make it nice and long showing all the benefits of that product so that they can't escape. You know what I mean?

Matt Stefanik:                  That's right. Yeah, that's cool. I love it. So, that's a great case study and testimonial for the fact that most people probably aren't doing pre-purchase upsells. It is available, and it is a great option inside of Funnel Buildr, so, case in point. [00:10:00] You're doing it and making it work. You've got a 18, 20% somewhere in there, uptake on the upsells, and that's before they even pulled out their credit card. Can you imagine what that might be after they've already decided and completed their purchase? I'd imagine it would be a little bit higher, so definitely consider doing some split testing between that … moving that. At least adding Stripe just for that case-

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  … just to split test that and see if moving that upsell to the back end after they've already purchased, if it increases [00:10:30] conversions. And then, of course, you can make them the downsell offer. You can do it on the front end or the back end. But, that's great. Loved hearing that. That's so cool.

So, I'm not exactly sure about the conversions on the front end. Definitely better than the Shopify store.

Manie Amari:                    Yeah, definitely.

Matt Stefanik:                  Higher than the one, two percent. So, then your ads, of course, you're getting better ROI out of your ad spend, right?

Manie Amari:                    Exactly, yes. The ROI was phenomenal.

Matt Stefanik:                  What kind of ads would you say it typically runs? Is it directly right to the [00:11:00] landing pages?

Manie Amari:                    Yeah, so the first ads were website conversion. It was a video ad, so it was a link click video ad. It was the quartz action burn.

Matt Stefanik:                  Cool.

Manie Amari:                    I started up a website conversion. I initially doubled back by duplicating … well not duplicating the campaign, but doing a version of that campaign for video views. But after that … smaller budgets, you know, like $5.00 budgets stretched to kind of like build up the events on the pixels so I can move [00:11:30] over to the custom audiences. And, I didn't do any page person engagement ads. They never really work for me. I didn't really need engagement 'cause I already had the sales coming through so the next step was just to scale and move that forward basically.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome. So, straight off the bat this is with a fan page that you've already been running traffic through for a while? Is it a-

Manie Amari:                    Nope. Brand new fan page.

Matt Stefanik:                  Oh, wow. So, niche-

Manie Amari:                    Even the pixel … it was a brand new ad account. Brand new-

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome.

Manie Amari:                    … brand new front page.

Matt Stefanik:                  That's [00:12:00] exciting. That's very encouraging for newbies, right? The common practice is to continue to run ads and season that pixel 'cause it gets better over time. That doesn't mean, of course, that you can't make sales right off the bat because we've done it. You've done it obviously. Was this a fan page for the brand or was it a generic niche specific fan page?

Manie Amari:                    It was a niche specific fan page.

Matt Stefanik:                  Okay, so two schools of thoughts there. [00:12:30] A lot of people have their brand, the same brand as their Shopify store and run ads with it. Say it's, “I Love Dogs,” and then it's the actual Shopify store and then you could have something similar that's just a generic, you know, dogs niche fan page that's not brand specific. It's just kind of niche specific.

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  Two schools of thoughts there. So, both can be very effective. So, that's exciting. And video views, it's a little bit different than conversions ads. When you first started out, were you optimizing [00:13:00] for the view content pixel?

Manie Amari:                    No. I went straight to the purchase pixel. I like to break the rules, so I go straight to the purchase pixel. Because the way I look at it, I look at it like I know what Facebook wants. They want the view content, and then you each kind of channel things down at the cart and then purchase, so you kind of build up the data so it now is more-

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah.

Manie Amari:                    [inaudible 00:13:24] but, I honestly believe if you have the right offer in front of the right audience they will [00:13:30] buy. You just have to get that combination right, and they will buy it. Having tools like Funnel Buildr just makes the transition so much beautiful when you have that synchronized music together because the upsell pretty much paid for half of the traffic.

Matt Stefanik:                  Wow.

Manie Amari:                    The traffic ad spend, and that was … like I've never had an upsell … When I was using Shopify on its own before, the upsell apps I've used just never [00:14:00] achieved what Funnel Buildr ever at all because the upsells are more like little pop-ups and little sliders that slide in between. I've tried so many different ones, and the customers, they look more like gimmicks.

But, when you can dedicate a whole page where they're forced to see, and it's like a full on presentation it's like, wait, hold on. And I used the templates. I used the basic templates that you got in there. I didn't do anything special.

Matt Stefanik:                  Oh wow.

Manie Amari:                    I [00:14:30] did it all by myself. I literally just … I knew what the offer I wanted it to look like and I just went with the templates. I went with that template … the stop, wait, have you completed your order-

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah, nice.

Manie Amari:                    … that template for the upsell. So that's the one I've used.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, basically, nothing special added. No videos, no other additional content. You basically went with what we have out of the box … the landing page template, the upsell template … just edit them for your product, for your messaging, and that was it, right?

Manie Amari:                    That was it.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, they convert [00:15:00] pretty well right out of the box.

Manie Amari:                    The only tip I can give anyone watching is what I did is I doubled the-

Matt Stefanik:                  The button?

Manie Amari:                    The button-

Matt Stefanik:                  The offer?

Manie Amari:                    Yeah, the offer button. So I had it at the top and I had it right at the bottom as well because I had a bit more extra content and more images, so if someone was on their mobile scrolling I wouldn't want them to have to scroll all the way back up to click the buy it now button, so I add it at the bottom as well. And that's a really big one. And I can't really tell you if it helped because there was no way to track it.

But [00:15:30] I'm pretty sure it did because when I looked on mobile … 'cause obviously I always look at my pages on mobile, just to double check to see-

Matt Stefanik:                  Oh, yeah.

Manie Amari:                    … roughly where things are, I knew from scrolling down that people are lazy. You've gotta make things nicer. You've gotta [inaudible 00:15:44] effort. Keep it stupidly simple. That's all. I know that. If there isn't a easy way to just like click somewhere, or take them straight back to the top, that they could fall off, get distracted, and not buy.

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah.

Manie Amari:                    But, having that button at the bottom allows them to read the information, [00:16:00] scroll down, look at the images. Oh, there's the button again. Right, I wanna move forward. I can't move forward. I'm gonna have to scroll back up, and that's one of the things I did.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome. Yeah, that's a good tip because out of the box they're basically designed for desktop, although they do look great on mobile. Right out of the box they're mobile responsive, so the content gets stacked properly and it gets resized, so it looks pretty good.

But, like you said, if you're on mobile, anything that's below the fold on desktop is one [00:16:30] thing. If you have a whole nother set of content, it'd be wise to put another button down there. But on mobile, it doesn't take much to have like two, three, four different screens just to get through what's all above the fold on a desktop, right?

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, that's a good tip. Gotta consider mobile when you're designing. Add that extra button down there. Duplicate that variant block in the button so, awesome. I love that.

Manie Amari:                    And here's some stats to follow up … 84% of the sales came from mobile.

Matt Stefanik:                  There you go.

Manie Amari:                    [00:17:00] I nearly hit 400k. I know you're gonna ask me that question anyway. I just want to let everyone know that the whole promotion from the 6th of October to the end, the 31st of October, I brought in $371,000.00-

Matt Stefanik:                  Nice. I love it.

Manie Amari:                    … and some change.

Matt Stefanik:                  So yeah, that is the hundred million dollar question everyone wants to know. All the success we're talking about … in four weeks basically, in the month of October, [00:17:30] we just turned November here, so it's very, very recent. You just started using Funnel Buildr, out of the box, set it up yourself, didn't need any technical help.

Like you said, you've used others before where it's just kind of overwhelming and confusing, got frustrated and gave up on it. First shot, first crack at Funnel Buildr, right out of the box, fairly straightforward, but the tutorials are there for you, and just started running ads, right? Made it work.

Manie Amari:                    Yeah.

Matt Stefanik:                  Taken what you've already known about basic Facebook ads and targeting and some products [00:18:00] maybe. Are these products that you were already selling, that you've already just proven were winners or are these new products or what?

Manie Amari:                    No, these were new products.

Matt Stefanik:                  Wow.

Manie Amari:                    And I have to run them on two different stores, as well, so there was a lot of duplicating pages and recreating what I did before over there-

Matt Stefanik:                  Oh, yeah.

Manie Amari:                    … to link them up. So, the same audience, but two different styles of the products, basically. Yeah, sorry, go ahead.

Matt Stefanik:                  No, no, that's perfect. It's really good. [00:18:30] I think that we extracted everything that we need to even knew about the super successful campaigns right out of the box in your first month. I hope you continue the success. I'd love to see you … well we got another two months, break a million by the end of the year.

Manie Amari:                    Yeah, yeah.

Matt Stefanik:                  That should be a goal for you with the holiday season coming up and frenzied buying. I think now you're in a perfect position. You know how it works. You know what to expect and now you can take advantage of all this holiday [00:19:00] shopping and kick ass the rest of this season, right?

Manie Amari:                    Definitely. I actually ordered stock in … sorry, tests, like samples in so I can shoot videos. So that's the only thing I'm lacking now is the videos because here's another tip for anyone that's watching, a lot of the videos I run is a live of someone actually using the product.

Matt Stefanik:                  So like an action shot of the product itself?

Manie Amari:                    Yeah. Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome.

Manie Amari:                    An action shot of the person using the product, you know, whatever. They're opening up the box and holding it and showing [00:19:30] some of the features, and then fusing that by showing transitions in between that and in other little clips of the event.

So for example, like, holiday season, Christmas. I've got some Christmas products coming in. I'm gonna shoot some videos, and then once those videos are done, I'm gonna put the ads out and test. Because it's a game of testing. You've gotta test to see how much is viable, but when you have a products that's gotten good for you, definitely utilize  Funnel Buildr.

The [00:20:00] upsells alone. I've never done the kind of numbers I did with Funnel Buildr as an upsell, and it's really opened my eyes to the whole fact that these people, if you give them something that's congruent to the first offer, they're gonna take it no matter what. It's like they've already got their credit card out. They're ready to buy. You've already sold them. Now I'm saying, for example, if there's a necklace, here's the matching bracelet. If it's a hoodie, [00:20:30] here's a t-shirt version. Maybe you don't wanna wear the hoodie 'cause it's warm outside, well you can wear the t-shirt version for a discounted price. Just make sure that the second offer following up is congruent with the first offer, and you will do numbers, especially if you're using Funnel Buildr.

Matt Stefanik:                  Basically it's all acquiring customers. Would you say that Funnel Buildr has allowed you to acquire customers at a lot lower price-

Manie Amari:                    Yes.

Matt Stefanik:                  … which enables you to spend a lot more money on advertising and really beat your competition, right?

Manie Amari:                    Definitely, and all [00:21:00] I can tell you … how I know how much of an impact it had is because my product catalog ads, I usually get very low conversions for them because obviously it's targeted on events, you know, people that new content, people add it to cart. You target to them in a very dynamic way with the product catalog ads, but funny enough, I didn't send them to the Shopify store page. I sent them all back to the funnel.

My conversion rates were [00:21:30] sitting like some like below $3.00. I had some $2.00 something cent conversions. I've never seen it that low before, and I have a strong feeling it has something to do with the fact that they come back, but now I'm sending them to the funnel, and not only are they buying the first offer, but they're buying the upsell as well, because they've had time to look at the first offer anyway. So, they're already warm for it. Second time around they see it, they're gonna take it, and then they take the second thing as well.

Matt Stefanik:                  Wow.

Manie Amari:                    So, it's definitely allowed [00:22:00] me to acquire … bring my acquisition cost down and just really hone in on that action I want, which obviously, overall helps the process because then I'm getting that data-

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah.

Manie Amari:                    … of custom audiences, especially guys. Custom audiences is where it's at. To build up the custom audiences, you need the events to fire. So, having more channeled actions in terms of add to carts and purchases [00:22:30] has allowed me to create really a high dense custom audiences, which I can make look like audiences from [inaudible 00:22:43]. I tested all kinds of look-alike audiences. In fact, I did more tests of look-alike audiences I've ever done due to the fact of how much traffic and conversions I was getting basically.

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah, really good data 'cause that's what those look-alike audiences are built off of. It's gotta have some source, [00:23:00] and so the better that source, the better those look-alike audiences, right? In theory anyways.

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  So, fantastic. Manie, thank you so much. I'm really excited for you. I'm thrilled to have put together a product that is making such an impact. Some of my friends and other marketers and a lot of people around the world, anybody can use this, right?

Manie Amari:                    Right.

Matt Stefanik:                  Is it safe to say that you would recommend Funnel Buildr?

Manie Amari:                    Oh, definitely, 100% I would recommend Funnel Buildr. Definitely. [00:23:30] Based on just on the benefits that I've gained from using it, the fact that if you look at some of the competition out there, you can't go wrong with this, I mean as a day. In terms of cost, as well, you're getting a really good deal. To be honest, initially, I've always been looking for something like this, but there was nothing around. The fact that there was nothing around, just kept me in that zone where I was like I didn't wanna [00:24:00] try and make it work with putting funnels. I didn't wanna try and make it work with ClickFunnels. I didn't wanna try and make it work with [inaudible 00:24:05]. It was really expensive, as well. But then outside of that, I think just seeing how easy it is for anyone to just step in and use it was what allowed me to move forward.

Because I didn't get any recommendations from anyone. I just saw it being used in a webinar and I thought, “That. I need to test that. This is my chance right now. I'm gonna take it.” Soon as I took it, things have changed, and now, [00:24:30] I don't think I'm ever sending traffic to just a product page on its own again. I'm always gonna take advantage of the whole funnel idea.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome, yes.

Manie Amari:                    And I'm just at the early stages, as well. There's so many different combinations that I could implement. For example, continuity. I haven't even started testing all of that stuff yet. I'm very excited to see what I'm gonna do over the next six months.

So 100% stamp Funnel Buildr. Start using it. If you're still sitting on the fence, literally like. Don't. [00:25:00] Get involved use it. Trust me, it'll change the game for you.

Matt Stefanik:                  Awesome. Thank you so much, Manie for your time. I appreciate you coming on and sharing your success with our followers and with our tribe. Hopefully it makes some sense for people and they get in as well and have similar success and can learn from what you shared. So, thank you. I appreciate your time and I look forward to future success from you.

Manie Amari:                    Thanks for having me, Matt.

Matt Stefanik:                  Alright, man. Take care, buddy.

Manie Amari:                    Take care. Do good.

Matt Stefanik:                  Yeah, bye.

Manie Amari:                    Yeah, bye.


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