Find the right plan for your store:

Plans to suit your business as it grows

All Plans Include:

14-Day Free Trial. Upgrade, downgrade, cancel anytime.
Fully customizable checkout. One-page or multi-step, design it how you want.
Flat montly fee without taking a cut of your upsell revenue.
Checkout order bumps to boost your average order value.
Unlimited funnels & traffic. Create unlimited funnels and pages and send unlimited visitors without caps or restrictions.
Easy integration with your favorite payment processors and suppliers.?
Pre-purchase upsells. Rake in extra profits by maximising cart value.
Split-Testing Platform. Test what converts best so you never have to guess what helps and what hurts conversions.
Post-purchase one-click-upsells and downsells.?
Heroic support, 7-days a week.


What happens if I go over the monthly orders on my plan?

Don’t worry, we’ll send you an email as you’re approaching your limit so you can upgrade to the next tier. We’ll remind you if you miss the first email.

Is My Monthly Order Limit Per Store or In Total?

Your order limit is in total, so if you have 3 stores using FunnelBuildr we aggregate your orders across all your funnels and stores. We’ll send you an email notifying you when you’re close to your limit so you can upgrade.

Do You Charge a % of Sales Like Those Other Guys?

Heck no, never with us! Funnel Buildr is supposed to make you more money – why would we charge you more for having success with our app? Nope, it's fair for all – just one low monthly fee for up to 3 stores you own.

Does Funnel Buildr Do One-Click Upsells?

Yes! All day, every day. You can create an unlimited number of upsell and downsells in your funnel, although that would not be advised, lol. We recommend no more than 2 upsells for cold traffic.

Why Isn’t Funnel Buildr on the Official Shopify App Store?

Shopify make the majority of their revenue from the percentage they charge for every sale you make so bypassing their checkout to allow one-click upsells or an alternative checkout is not something they encourage so they don’t allow certain apps on the app store. Funnel Buildr is a private app which is 100% compliant with Shopify.

Can I Split-Test The Pages In My Funnels?

Absolutely! When creating your funnel, just add additional pages at any stage of your funnel (for example, two landing pages) and then adjust the percentage of traffic you'd like each to receive. The default is an even percentage.

How Many Landing Pages Can I Create?

You can create an unlimited number of landing pages – there's no tiered plans and no limitations.

Can Funnels Be Shared?

Absolutely, if someone has given you share code, it takes just 3 clicks to import an entire funnel. If you want to share a funnel with someone else or another one of your stores, simply click one button to generate a share code.

What Other Type Of Pages Can I Create?

Create whatever you can imagine! Create “Free + Shipping” offers, opt-in pages, contest pages, survey pages, long-form sales pages, buffer pages, stand-alone articles, full-linked blog pages, review collection pages, custom checkout pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, “about” pages, create entire themes with multiple linked pages, footer disclaimer pages, digital download pages, thank you pages, or whatever else kind of pages you can think of that you want on your Shopify store!

Does It Work With Order Fulfillment Apps Like Oberlo, Dropified Etc?

Yes, all apps that monitor your orders/inventory will work the same way as with the standard Shopify checkout. Oberlo, Dropified and other fulfilment apps don't need any extra configuration with Funnel Buildr. All orders from your funnels get pushed to your Shopify store so you can manage them from there.

What Email Service Providers Does It Work With?

Currently, Funnel Buildr integrates with Aweber, Mailchimp, Drip, and Klaviyo. If you'd like to see us integrate with any other provider, just let us know! Also, we do have a video tutorial showing how to use Zapier to connect just about any other service provider to Funnel Buildr.

Can I Track My Pages With The Facebook Pixel?

Are you serious? Of course, you can! You can track every step of the way. You can add your Facebook pixel and Google Analytics ID's right in the app settings, but you can also add custom scripts to any page for further and more accurate tracking.

Do You Provide Detailed Analytics For My Pages And Funnels?

Indeed! All of the pages and funnels you create are fully tracked showing you detailed information about your user's device, browser, and geographical information, as well as giving you stats on total and unique page views, total checkouts, and abandoned carts. Need more data? Let us know!

Can I Still Use The Shopify Checkout?

Yes you can but know that you'll be forfeiting anything post-purchase. Once your visitors go to the Shopify checkout and completes their purchase, there's no way to get them back in your funnel during the same session.

Do You Have Video Tutorials Showing Me How To Use It?

Nah, you'll figure it out. Just playing. Certainly, we do. Once inside our member's area, you'll have video tutorials for all of our apps showing you how to install and set up our apps. With Funnel Buildr, we'll provide many more videos showing detailed instructions for every aspect of the app and how best to set everything up. We won't leave you hanging!

How Many Stores Can I Install Funnel Buildr On?

Unlike ALL Shopify apps listed on the app store, you can install Funnel Buildr on up to 3 of your own stores without any additional cost, not just 1 store! Do you love me yet?

Where Do I Get Support Or Submit Feature Requests?

Send us an email to and we'll automatically create a ticket for you, or you can visit our support desk at to submit a ticket directly.

What Payment Processors Does It Integrate With?

Currently we utilize Stripe, Authorize.Net, Paypal, Bluesnap, and NMI. These providers are suitable for about 80%+ of our users but we are also currently researching more providers to meet the needs of the rest.

Can I Still Use My Other Apps On My Pages?

Funnel Buildr was designed in such a way that it doesn't require a lot of other third-party apps like your Shopify store does. However, you can integrate any third-party app or service provided they give you the script to add to your pages.

Does Funnel Buildr Support Any Other Languages?

Yes! Our embedded checkout and thank you pages are fully customizable and the pages you create inside the app support all unicode languages.

What Kind Of Products Can I Sell In My Funnels?

You can sell any kind of products you want. Once a product is listed in your Shopify store, you can use it inside Funnel Buildr. It works great for drop shipping, high-ticket drop ship stores, single product stores, print-on-demand stores, brand stores, supplement sellers and everything in between!

Can I Use Funnel Buildr On My Store?

YES! You can now have your funnels start on your Shopify product pages to take advantage of our custom checkout, checkout bumps, and post-purchase upsells and downsells. How many other apps out there can do both? NONE. That's how many.

Why Am I Still Reading The FAQ's At This Point?

I don't know. I'm guessing you're the type that reads every word on the page and that's cool! Thank you for getting this far, increasing our average time on site, balancing out our bounce rate, and chatting with me for a while. If there's anything else you'd like to know, feel free to join us and ask in the Funnel Buildr Facebook Group.