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If you’ve suffered from under-performing Shopify landing pages, listen up. As a result of poor performing pages, your conversions? They're just not there!

However, all is not lost! There are tools out there that can offer proven templates and customized solutions to improve the performance of your Shopify landing pages. Funnel Buildr and Zipify are both funnel building apps that online retailers use to increase conversions and revenue in their store.

But how do you know which one is right for you? All apps are not created equally. You want to choose something that is scalable to the growth of your store, reasonably priced, and easy to use. So, from awesome sales funnels to powerful Shopify landing pages: which one is the best for you?

Funnel Buildr Overview

FunnelBuildr is a Shopify app that lets you incorporate all the great elements Shopify offers while building custom pages that are more likely to convert.

Funnel Buildr is marketed as a solution to saving time, money, and effort while getting the high-performing pages that you need. The drag-and-drop style builder is extremely user-friendly and their pre-built templates make it even easier. As a result, you can create just the right experience for your customers to maximize your conversions.

With Funnel Buildr, you can build unlimited custom funnels and custom checkout pages in order to convert shoppers to buyers faster and easier. Add in pre-purchase cart bumps or post-purchase upsells in order to increase the value of each order. On the other hand, use downsells to increase the likelihood of a purchase.

Since these funnels and Shopify landing pages are custom built, you can use split testing to find the best funnel or perfect design to get more conversions. What's more, it’s easy to review performance in the app dashboard that integrates with your Shopify admin view.

Zipify Overview

Zipify is also a Shopify app that helps you supercharge your store with proven landing pages, upsells, and coupon pop-ups. Zipify is a full-service solution like Funnel Buildr, but divided into two separate apps.

Zipify Pages helps you build high-quality landing pages that are more likely to convert that the typical Shopify product page. It also features a drag and drop editor that’s easy to use as well as mobile-only pages.

Zipify OneClick Upsell is a tool that helps increase the value of each sale with post-purchase offers – all in just one additional click. As a result, you'll be able to increase conversions.


Since we’re comparing Zipify’s two applications to Funnel Buildr’s all-inclusive platform, you may wonder how that affects the price you pay for these similar services. Let’s break down the monthly cost and what’s included at that price point.

Funnel Buildr per month

Funnel Buildr’s Pro Monthly Plan costs $97 per month. They also offer a free version that can be used on up to one store or an annual plan that costs $897 – a 23% savings.

With the Pro Monthly Plan, you can install Funnel Buildr on up to three Shopify stores. You also get unlimited funnels, unlimited custom landing pages, upsells and cart bumps, and split-test capabilities.

Zipify per month

The most comparable package is Zipify’s Plus Monthly plan for its Pages app that also costs $97 per month. They also offer a Basic Monthly plan that costs $67 per month.

With the Plus Month plan, you can get access to funnel and page templates, unlimited landing pages, mobile-only pages, 1-click lightboxes, and split testing. In order to add on post-purchase upsells, you have to pay an additional $47 per month or an annual cost of $397 for the Zipify OneClick Upsell app. On top of that, you owe 1.5% of upsell revenue back to Zipify, too.

Funnel Buildr vs. Zipify

Both of these apps are powerful Shopify add-ons that can take your e-commerce capabilities to the next level. However, there has to be a winner and this time it is FunnelBuildr.

Maybe we're a bit biased. Okay, we are. But from Shopify landing pages to effective sales funnels; Funnel Buildr is a full-service solution that you can simply plug-in and start using. There’s more appeal to purchasing and using one app rather than two, not to mention that Zipify’s monthly cost is higher if you want the total package.

Additionally, if you’re new to sales funnels and want to test the waters, it’s hard to beat Funnel Buildr’s free version. Without them, you may not be tapping into the full potential of your Shopify store.

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