Below you will find a thread of updates regarding the status of all things Funnel Buildr:

January 14, 2020

     Funnel Buildr Feature Update – Roll Out Date 1/14/2020 ~2AM ET
     Hey there everyone! The Funnel Buildr team is excited to announce another app update with the following features:
     1) Have Paypal? Don't have reference transactions? No sweat! You can now offer post-checkout upsells/downsells to your customers using Paypal even if you don't have reference transactions on your account! Here's the KB article:
     2) HotJar integration! You can now add your HotJar account to Funnel Buildr and track what your customers are doing on your pages and increase your conversions even more. Here's the KB article:
     3) Image Zoom! On a per-image object basis, you can now enable mouseover image zoom. Here's the lowdown:
     4) Various UI updates inside the app dashboard.
     Thanks for being Funnel Buildr users! We have more coming!

January 3, 2020

     CustomCat Personalized Products Update – Roll Out Date: 1/3/2020 ~2AM ET
     Change 1 –
         1. if “add to cart” CTA button && custom cat default Customize button (below this you have HTML element with id – cc-custom) exist in any page, new changes will hide the add to cart CTA and will show only the customize button
         2. Clicking on customize will show the customization popup in which user will see the customize image on top and text box below to enter the customization text
         3. Entering customization text will reload the image above that showing customized image
         4. Clicking on “Save my design” below the text input will save the design for that user session and will hide the customization popup. Old workflow used to take the user directly to cart page from here adding the customized product to cart
         5. User will see the customized design in product page large size image
         6. Hidden “add to cart” CTA button will then be displayed to the user and below that user will see a button “edit my design”. Note this “edit my design” button is the same as customcat default Customize button indicated in step 1
         7. From here user can either choose to add the customized product to cart using add to cart CTA or he can choose “edit my design” to customize the design
         8. Note – funnels in which Add to cart button has been removed by the user from the editor manually, these changes will not be triggered at all. The user will have his customization workflow working as it was before. New workflow as listed in above steps will not be                                  triggered.
     Change 2 –
         In cart/checkout page, clicking on thumbnail image will show user large size version of the customized image
     Change 3 –
         Minor bug Fix with the funnel share code
     Change 4 –
         Links in the Tour are fixed to point to the Funnelbuildr KB/Help links
     Link to KB Article:

Weeks 1-3, May 2019

  • Upsell order queue fixes applied
  • Shipping related bug fix where shipping prices were not being reflected properly at checkout.
  • Order total display bug fix
  • Opt-In Button double success message fix – Identified a bug where when there are both mobile and desktop buttons for an Opt-In the success message was getting displayed twice.

~24, April 2019

  • Shopify Shipping Rates API stopped working properly which caused issues with Funnel Buildr shipping calculations at checkout.  The FB dev team reached out to Shopify and Shopify support confirmed that some changes they had made caused the issue.  Shopify resolved the issue and the FB dev team confirmed that the shipping info was passing via API properly
  • Shopify's app proxy URL structure was changed which caused 404 errors on FB funnels.  The FB dev team reported this issue to Shopify and they confirmed the unannounced change.  The FB dev team applied an app fix to account for the changes and confirmed that these fixes resolved the 404 errors.

Weeks 3-4, April 2019

  • Cleaned up a few bugs around the free version launch
  • Order queue updates – for funnels that have post-checkout upsells/downsells – we improved the back-end process than handles the processing of these orders back into Shopify after the timeout period (that gives the customer a chance to purchase upsell/downsell products).
  • Small bug fixes related to the Funnel stats page.

Week 2, April 2019

  • When using a custom checkout bump, the customer can choose from different variants if they exist. The image on the left will now change according to which variant is chosen. You can apply an image to different variants when creating a Shopify product.
  • An issue was reported by several users in 2nd week of April when Shopify shipping rates API was giving intermittent issues and not responding in some cases. We spent lot of time troubleshooting the same but didn't get any clues. It seems to be something at Shopify end only.  As of today, it seems to be working fine. The same issue has been reported by another Shopify user as well on a thread below
    A ticket has been submitted to Shopify and we are waiting for the response on the same.
  • Free version – Some enhancements were done to free version as per feedback received from Matt and other team members.
  • Cloudflare issue again – One of our customers reported that he is still facing some issues with Cloudflare even after disabling Cloudflare caching. After investigating the same, we found that it was happening because of “rocket loader” option enabled in Cloudflare which was messing up with funnel buildr javascript modules.

March 2019

  • Custom purchase pixel integration – this feature has been rolled out for some beta users and works fine.
  • Security-related fixes in the dashboard (checks applied for different actions edit/create/delete).
  • Abandoned cart email issue – We have applied a fix for abandoned cart list for MailChimp and other providers where in some cases emails were not getting pushed to the providers.
  • Free version new features – Advertisement feature, powered by link, streamline the downgrade flow, upgrade from free to paid version
  • Cart bump – there was a request by someone where we wanted to tick the checkbox for product added to cart via cart bump options …We spent lot of time on this but were not able to find any solution because of the way code has been written for cart bump selection.  Will continue to investigate a fix during FB3.0 development.
  • Optimization of some SQL queries to improve performance of the dashboard area.
  • Klaviyo analysis – there were a lot of reports in Funnel Buildr group and ticket system regarding some issues with Klaviyo not working. We did some internal QA of that and everything was working fine. It was happening because of settings not configured properly by users either in Funnel Buildr dashboard or in their Klaviyo settings.
  • Trackify – stopped working because of some API URL changes at their end. Applied a fix for the same.
  • Cloudflare issue – In March a customer reported some serious checkout issues and we identified after troubleshooting that it was because of Cloudflare interfering with funnel buildr using Shopify proxies.
  • General app health monitoring – App has been pretty much stable around the whole of March. We haven't found any major peaks in our response time.  Newrelic Apdex store has been pretty good.

Week 3, February 2019

  • Server CPU spikes – we noticed a spike in database server CPU usage causing the funnels to go down or increasing their response time. This has been handled temporarily increasing server size/specs. For the long term, we have configured notifications for the same so that proactive measures can be taken.
  • Optimization of database – We noticed that the scripts storing the page views for particular funnels have been running bit slow due to some slow database queries. We have optimized the same as well. This will improve the database performance overall. Page views table size in DB is huge and we need to work out further ways to optimize the same. The team will work on ways to see if we can utilize some reporting engines like by Alibaba to have better flow in place for this.

Week 2, February 2019

  • Outgoing email fixes for new registrations. Emails were not getting sent out with members area login details for new registrations. Fix has been applied to handle the same.
  • Discount feature fixes – We received few tickets reporting that discount feature isn't working. Investigating in detail, we noticed that the feature works fine when customers are entering the shipping address but it's not applying the discount on initial page load of any checkout pages. A fix has been applied to handle this.
  • SEO settings fixes – following 2 issues as reported by customers have been fixed.
    1. If you are editing a page and click on settings/SEO settings then there are several boxes to fill in. There are currently two known problems.
    a. When you click on edit for the Google product category, you can select a category. That is then meant to bring up a list of subcategories.
    b. The page image you select here is not reflected as the page image as it should be. You can check it by using the tool at:
  • Tax settings – We are currently using TaxJar for tax calculations but if the user has disabled from their funnel buildr dashboard that we are using Shopify tax settings. After doing a lot of investigations, we noticed that Shopify tax settings will work only and only if we are using Manual tax settings in Shopify.  Even if automatic tax settings are enabled in Shopify, Funnel Buildr will use only manual tax settings. Doesn't matter at all if the automatical settings are enabled or not. Shopify Plus plans are using Avalara AvaTax for tax calculations. In FB3, we are planning to switch to same for tax calculations which will provide better reliability.

Week 1, February 2019

  • Cloudflare issues – While helping out a customer (on Skype ) who was using Cloudflare for caching requests, we noticed that Cloudflare doesn't play well with Shopify. So, please make a note of it. After disabling Cloudflare it all worked well.

Week 2 – January 2019

  • Support super control panel – Our internal support got a new super control panel using which they can see it easily what's going wrong with your account and provide better support.
  • Page version feature launch.

Week 1 – January 2019

  • Users not able to add stores – there were few tickets around users not being able to add stores. They were because of some issues around white space being added to the store URL when they were pasting the URL.

12 December, 2018

Existing issues:

  • Stripe not able to connect from app settings FIXED!
  • BlueSnap integration not working (in progress)
  • ReCharge not pulling order details into the ReCharge dash properly (in progress)

10 December, 2018

Existing issues:

  • Stripe not able to connect from app settings
  • BlueSnap integration not working
  • ReCharge not pulling order details into the ReCharge dash properly

9 December, 2018

Everything appears to be back up and working properly!

  • Shipping not showing on checkout page FIXED!
  • Taxes not being added on checkout page FIXED!
  • Discounts not being added to products FIXED!

8 December, 2018

Remaining issues are:

  • Shipping not showing on checkout page
  • Taxes not being added on checkout page
  • Discounts not being added to products
  • Opt-in pages not working FIXED!

7 December, 2018

– The following issues have been identified and are either resolved or currently being fixed:

  • Shipping is not populating on checkout
  • Opt-in buttons not working
  • Add to cart button now working FIXED!
  • Cart bumps not working FIXED!
  • Form in member's area to add/remove stores is not loading FIXED!
  • “Funnels” tab in app navigation not loading FIXED!
  • Settings > Checkout settings not loading FIXED

5 December, 2018

– The following issues have been identified and are currently being fixed:

  • Add to cart button now working
  • Cart bumps not working
  • Form in member's area to add/remove stores is not loading
  • “Funnels” tab in app navigation not loading
  • Settings > Checkout settings not loading

4 December, 2108

– App is still not 100% but we're making progress.

3 December, 2018

– App is finally back up but not 100% funtional; currently troubleshooting and debugging.

2 December, 2018

– app has been attacked by former developers and is currently not working.

22 November, 2018
– Bluesnap billing data address fix.

18 November, 2018
– Added the feature to display discounted price in the page if discount on a product is enabled.
– Reduced number of API calls for high traffic pages.

17 November, 2018
– Minor bug fixes.

16 November, 2018
– Change Http request method from GET to POST updated to save shipping info to avoid transferring incomplete data .

12 November, 2018
– Added option for add noscript in custom script and body script.

11 November, 2018
– Added character limit on engraving line input for shineon product.

10 November, 2018
– Added user profile option on Bluesnap payment processor.

08 November, 2018
– Removed transition animation for product landing page add to cart button click.
– Fixed customer add to recharge app as active.

05 November, 2018
– Added transition animation for product landing page add to cart button click.

04 November, 2018
– Send billing data to Bluesnap for fraud prevention.
– Removed “Upload new” and “Confirm design” button for ShineOn product.

02 November, 2018
– Removed CustomCat product description at template selection.

31 October, 2018
– Updated support url.

30 October, 2018
– Small style change on ShineOn button.

28 October, 2018
– Improved statistics result for funnel statistics.

26 October, 2018
– Update database with last update time for funnel.

25 October, 2018
– Small style change on ShineOn button.
– Include page search by selecting product.

22 October, 2018
– Minor bug fixes.

21 October, 2018
– Implement page search.
– Minor bug fixes.

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