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Are you tired of relying on low-converting Shopify pages? It happens all the time – customers land on your product pages and then never hit that ‘buy now’ button. So, what do you do? Well now it's time to find the right funnel builder for Shopify.

It sounds like you need to build and integrate a customized sales funnel into your Shopify store. This is a process that you can use to filter customers to the best performing pages on your Shopify store and increase the likelihood that they convert to a paying customer. Luckily, Shopify has a relatively open API and there are many funnel building apps out there that can help you create a profitable landing page with the few clicks of a mouse.

Finding the right funnel builder

How do you choose the right funnel builder for your Shopify store? You can start by comparing a few popular options like Funnel Buildr and CartHook. Now we may be a little biased, but we’re going to give the low-down, the straight chalk, the ins and outs of both platforms.

Funnel Buildr is a solution to saving time, money, and effort while getting the high-performing pages that you need. The drag-and-drop style builder is extremely user-friendly and their pre-built templates make it even easier.  

CartHook aims to create a fully-customized experience for shoppers with a heavy focus on the checkout process and post-purchase upsells. It’s a powerful tool for helping e-commerce retailers bypass product pages.

Both funnel builders have their pros and cons, but let’s see which one is right for you.

Breaking it down: Funnel Buildr vs. CartHook

Funnel Buildr Features

Funnel Buildr allows you to create standalone landing pages that use the domain of your Shopify store but are designed to give your sales and profits a boost. The high conversions are partly due to:

·       re- and post-purchase upsells

·       Checkout bumps

·       Post-purchase down sells

Sound familiar? They should. Tactics like these are effectively used by large ecommerce platforms such as Amazon to increase the value of an order.

The app also helps you create fully customized checkout pages, drag and drop trust badges, testimonials, video, and other elements to build your own high-performance page – all of which can be stored in a media library. Automatically capture email addresses entered into checkout forms to automate follow-up emails and decrease abandoned carts.

The ability to split test and optimize any element on a page at any point in the funnel is key for achieving even better conversions. You can even split test features like opt-in forms and subscribe buttons to see how you can collect more leads, optimized offers, and take advantage of micro-commitments.

There are a lot more features where that comes from. You can customize pretty much anything with the custom scripts function and Funnel Buildr’s robust tracking options with Facebook and Google Analytics provide a complete picture of the customer journey.

CartHook Features

Arguably, CartHook’s biggest selling point is the one-page checkout process. The streamlined design keeps customers on the page which can be integrated with multiple payment types to suit your needs. Every purchase can be viewed immediately in your Shopify dashboard.

Their intuitive funnel builder can be used to customize funnels for each product in your store. If one funnel is outperforming others, you can make it your top funnel to optimize conversions. You can also create product funnels with a unique URL that sends traffic directly to the checkout page.

CartHook allows up to three post-purchase upsells for each transaction. Shoppers can add the offer to their initial purchase or subscribe to recurring purchases. They can also enroll in subscription-based purchases after their initial purchase.

CartHook does offer ROI tracking so you can see if your landing pages are converting. This also helps you manage your advertising spend and allocate dollars to the top performing funnels.

CartHook’s features are all built around increasing the dollar amount of the average order and putting you in control of your Shopify store.

And the winner is…

While both apps promise to increase conversions, sales, and profits, there’s only one that truly lets you optimize your sales funnels in any way you desire and that’s FunnelBuildr. We offer so many more customizable features at every point of the funnel, not just the checkout or post-purchase stages. When choosing the best funnel builder for shopify, choose wisely and go with FunnelBuildr.

The ability to customize your sales funnel throughout the buyer’s experience is key; as we all know that the true magic happens both before and after the customer has checked out. Plus, the ability to split-test every element provides actionable insight that will help you create the highest performing landing pages. Not to mention, there are a lot more design elements at your disposal so you can make your Shopify store exactly what you want.

There are a lot of options to choose from when looking to create the sales funnel of your dreams. With FunnelBuildr, you can make it a reality.

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