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Let's face it, you want to choose the best Shopify Funnel for your online store. And let's also be honest: there's a lot of choices out there. Both FunnelBuildr and ClickFunnels help e-commerce stores convert more sales and increase revenue. And that's the goal, right? With these tools, you can apply high-converting sales funnels that carry the shopper from product pages to the checkout.

FunnelBuildr is a Shopify app that lets you incorporate all the great elements Shopify offers while building custom pages that are more likely to convert. ClickFunnels is its own e-commerce platform that serves more like a CRM tool with pre-developed templates and pages.

If you read those descriptions and thought that these two tools have totally different uses and even different audiences, you’re not wrong. However, FunnelBuildr and ClickFunnels do have a few similarities that will be useful to know in the decision-making process.

Comparing Funnel Buildr and ClickFunnels

First and foremost, you can build powerful sales funnels in both of these tools with ease. Funnel Buildr and ClickFunnels both use a drag and drop editor that’s user-friendly and simple to learn.

Both also focus on increasing sales and profits by converting the shopper to a buyer with a quicker, one-click checkout process as well as increasing the value of the purchase with upsells. You can cut out the need for developers and designers because you can personally build custom landing pages and shopping carts with all the elements you want to include.

That’s about where their similarities end, but there’s still a lot to learn about each tool.

Funnel Buildr Features

Funnel Buildr capitalizes on what you’ve built in Shopify but gives you more control over the performance of product pages and the checkout process. Since this lives on your existing Shopify store, all the data flows seamlessly right into the Shopify dashboard and any other integrations you have place continue to work as normal.

With this app, you build unlimited standalone landing pages and complete product funnels on your Shopify domain. This includes custom product pages, checkout pages, upsell and downsell pages, and thank you pages. It also integrates with other databases and third-party apps to set up automated email campaigns, social sharing, and easy data tracking.

One of the most unique features of Funnel Buildr is the ability to split test any page as well as any element on the page. Split testing is one of the best ways to find out what really works, so it’s a proven way to increase conversions, sales, and profits. With Funnel Buildr, you can pull all of your existing Shopify elements and test them against custom elements you create in the app.

ClickFunnel Features

Instead of being a Shopify app, ClickFunnels is its own e-commerce platform. It’s more than just a store because you can build an entire marketing funnel here. You can build a website, manage email automation, setup affiliate marketing programs, handle CRM, and more all in one place.

This might be helpful if you’re looking to start from scratch. However, if you’ve got an existing ecommerce storefront, you’ll be out of luck in most cases unless you want to start from scratch again.

They offer a pre-built funnel for any purpose, from capturing leads to selling a product or service, to hosting events. These funnels have been tested for improving conversions. Everything that you need to go along with your funnel has been pre-developed, too. You can add, move, or delete pages in your funnel so it’s exactly how you want.

ClickFunnels also has a split test option to help optimize your funnels. You can test any element on the page to find out what version of your funnel converts at a higher rate. Then, when the funnel is live, you can track results in the ClickFunnels dashboard that is pre-formulated to pull in certain data.

Choosing a Funnel Builder

It’s a tough choice because these funnel builders offer similar options and have pros and cons for different businesses. However, for our purposes, we believe FunnelBuildr is the better choice. When it comes to building customized, scalable funnels for your e-commerce store; there's no comparison.

Sure, we may be a little bisaed. However, FunnelBuildr harnesses the power of Shopify, one of largest and more sophisticated platforms available. ClickFunnels is more ideal for an entrepreneur just starting out with one or two physical products or an ebook. Plus, ClickFunnels doesn’t have all the integrations necessary to run a successful online store, like dropshipping apps.

Also, if you’re looking to build a totally custom funnel and take control of your product and checkout landing pages; FunnelBuildr is far and away the better option. The pre-developed ClickFunnels templates are great for beginners. However, it really limits what you can and can’t control in your own store.

If you’re looking for complete customization, easy access and development, and all the tools you need to unlock the power potential of your online storefront: FunnelBuildr is the best Shopify funnel around.

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