why do my shopify conversions suck?

There's no shame. It happens to lots of online stores. At some point, probably early but not necessarily, you'll find yourself asking the question. Why do my Shopify conversions suck? The next question which follows is: what can I do about it?

E-commerce can be a tough game. There's no doubt about it. Even little things can sometimes have a huge impact on whether or not your online store is living up to its potential.

But fear not! There are things you can do and tools you can use to turn the ship around. We're here to help.

You're Ignoring Mobile Customers

Mobile-first isn't just a rallying cry in the tech world. It's actually a social movement. Let's face it, tons of people are shopping online now. And many of them are doing so from their tablets or mobile devices. Think about it. When was the last time you logged in to your Amazon account from something other than your phone? Yeah, I can't remember either. Why? Because most of us are buying on our phones these days.

If your site isn't optimized for mobile, you're intentionally making it difficult for roughly half of your potential customers. Sounds like a good idea? To put it simply: don't do that.

Landing Pages: How Do They Work?

And why do you need them anyway? That, friends, is a whole other article for another time (coming soon!). However, the simple answer is this: landing pages, especially standalone ones for specific products, can increase your conversion rates instantly.

For reference, your typical product page conversion rate is around 1-2%. Not great, right? With a well-constructed landing page, that conversion rate can easily double.

You're Not Up-selling

The art of the up-sell is a time-honored sales tactic. In the online world? It's essential. Up-selling can be thought of as the “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” approach. I.e. if you're selling a cookie, you may want to try and sell a glass of milk to go with it. You can also think of it as “If You Give a Moose a Muffin,” but that book isn't nearly as awesome.

In your Shopify store, you've got unique opportunities to suggest add-on accessories, complimentary items, and more. With the proper funnel, you can maximize your sale, up your numbers, and get the most out of your conversions.

Your Copy Or Sales Pages Aren't Compelling

Why do my Shopify conversions suck, let me count the ways! Well, one of the first places you should look is at your sales pages themselves. Are you creating compelling and engaging copy that draws your prospect in? How about your sales pages? Are they optimized?

Thankfully, split-testing can help you suss out the issues with your sales pages. Split-testing involves running two versions of the same page but with different elements.

Why do my Shopify conversions suck?

It can be surprising how big of a difference a little tweak here or a little change there can make. Discover the keys to unlocking your page's hidden conversion potential by seeing which version performs better.

Better images? Better product descriptions? You will not know which one is better until you compare. Any e-commerce pro knows the value of split testing. Keep trying new inceptions of your pages and try to “beat” your conversion percentage with each new attempt.

As a result, you will learn the key to creating awesome pages which convert!

Do Your Shopify Conversions Suck?

It ain't easy out there in the world of e-commerce. Thankfully at Funnel Buildr, we've got you covered. Our app is packed to the gills with features to help you accomplish all of the above tips and more. And wouldn't you like better converting pages and stores?

If you want to stop asking “why do my Shopify conversions suck?” and start on the path towards better sites, better pages, and better conversions; Funnel Buildr has what you need to be successful.

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